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From: OBI

@rubijamaluddin Great attempt Obi! I just want to compile all the information I understand so far on your business/brand with the below remarks:

  1. If Sarah is your target customer (, you probably want to include that in your campaign plan and enhance the persona with what you have indicated in the plan: "who appreciates unique and personalized artwork for their office." because she is your primary target where you can provide a solution by offering office printables (Primary Online Product).

  2. Objective of your landing page is to generate leads with the given perk of a 30% discount on the first purchase. The headline can be improved by telling your TA (Probably Sarah here) why they need that solution. Perhaps your last sentence 'Stay productive & organised' could be rephrased as the attention-grabbing headline and supported with the sub-head 'Grab your exclusive 30% discount now!' leave the details to the T&C disclaimer.

  3. 2nd section can be improved by showing your products i.e. Latest/ Best-selling Office Printables and increasing persuasion points by showing testimonials or social proof as discussed. Then, repeat CTA before reaching the footer.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment, it has given me some great ideas for how to improve my landing page content and design.

From: OBI

Hi Ciayi,

Here's my landing page:


@xinxuan Great visual 🙂 Areas to discuss further as below:

  1. From your campaign plan, the objective is to increase sales conversion with Limited Edition products therefore the main banner/headline should feature "Limited Edition Products" and your promotion strategy is "Purchase Limited Edition Products (Co-branding products with the famous basketball players) & stand a chance to meet with the famous basketball players"

  2. Potential subhead could highlight the 20% instant discount perk for members. So, CTA is --> Be our member (auto-subscribe to email marketing newsletter) to join a 20% instant discount on Limited Edition Products & stand a chance to meet with famous basketball players.

Keep the message clear & straight to the point normally helps 🙂

@hanis Good to see a variation. However, could you please publish the page and share the URL again? It should work as [] (Example from previous student's e-portfolio creation like this: