Imagine you are a "Data Analyst"

Imagine you are a "Data Analyst" and Please share any one real life problem that you wish to analyze.

Think out the questions which you must understand before starting analyzing the data.*

I’m a staff from Survey Meter supplier, I wish to understand my customers’ need better, so that I can effectively recommend suitable survey meter for them.

My questions / Data collections
• Where you want to use the survey meter? (Site / Offshore / In-House Lab / Manufacture )
• What’s your tolerance maximum usage for survey meter? (10 years / 5 year / >10 years)
• What kind of size/weight of survey meter you prefer?
• Any preferred brand? (Thermo fischer / IMI – Rad100 / Mirion)
• Source detection type? (Alpha / Bete / Gamma / Xray)
• What is your budget?

@syazwani-j67 Very creative thinking!!!


  • I wish to understand passenger’s behaviour/decision making in purchasing flight ticket.

Questions/Data Collection

  1. Preferred flight timing (red eye/morning/evening)
  2. What is price range a passenger willing to spend per person (min-max: rm500-1000)
  3. What is preferred destination (Asean/non-Asean)
  4. What is the time a customer usually purchases the flight ticket (morning, afternoon, midnight)
  5. What month usually a customer goes on holiday/travelling (school holidays, public holidays….)

@nurulnajwalatiff Recommendation from Allstar!!!!

A situation in a coffee shop where a customer asked the barista what kind of coffee she should order.

The question asked by the barista is as follows:

Do you prefer black or milk based coffee
Hot or cold
What kind of flavour/notes are you interested in (nutty/chocolate/darker/floral/light/sweet etc)
If black,filter or espresso based, if milk based how many shots (“strength”)
Do you have beans preference, list out beans regions or blends

I am an property agent, I wish to understand my customers need better, so that i can effectively recommend house to buy suitable to his/her preference & budget

My question / data collection

  1. What is your budget range?
  2. What type of house do you prefer - property type? Condo, landed, flat
  3. What type furnish you prefer? Fully furnished, Semi Furnished, Unfurnished?
  4. Tenure type? (Freehold or leasehold)
  5. Land title? (Bumi or non bumi)

My client wants to open a tuition center. However, there is another tuition center within 20 km radius.

My question/ Data collection:

  1. Who is the target market? (Pre-university, Secondary school or Primary school)
  2. What is the core subject the client wished to teaches? (Compare with other tuition center)
  3. Where is the area of the proposed center?
  4. What is the proposed operation hour?
  5. What benefits do the client intend to give?

I am helping a friend and my friend need a suitable bag to carry their stuff

My questions/ data collection

How many loads are you about to carry? (40L/ 60L and etc)
How many days are you going? ( less than 3 days/ 1 week/ 2 week)
Gender of the user? (F/M)
What kind of brand do you prefer (deutcher , the north face)
How many pockets at least do you need (3,4,5,6,7)