Understanding & Utilising Social Media for Competitor Analysis

Competitors' online analysis is one of the practices in Digital Marketing and it is also overlapping with social media monitoring and listening.

Do we need software/app/tool to monitor or track our competitors on social media? Well, there are free monitoring features available on Social Media platforms for example Page's performance tracking with LinkedIn Analytics:


  • Under 'LinkedIn Analytics' > 'Competitors', you can add up to a maximum of 10 competitors pages to track


  • Standard tracking metrics include the number of Page Followers (All-time & new followers gained) and Organic Content Performance (Total number of posts & total number of engagements)

However, with the other social media monitoring & listening tools, we are able to track a lot more information to gather deeper insights to understand our current positioning in the market in order to formulate a better social media marketing strategy plan.

There are some free and paid tools available in the markets and you may refer to the existing reviews/comparisons as such:

  1. https://www.socialpilot.co/facebook-analytics-tools
  2. https://napoleoncat.com/blog/social-media-analytics-tools/
  3. https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/planning-for-2023-researching-the-competition/639899/

Besides that, we do have some courses available on Social Media Monitoring using SemRush & Mentionlytics Tools to learn about the key performance metrics while tracking your competitors.

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