React.JS (The JavaScript Library)

@prafful use npm install in the prompt

command npm install @prafful

@prafful by using npm install command

  • How to use bootstrap to create basic webpage
  • we can have plenty of written codes (predifined components) from - docs
  • After creating basic HTML structure, we can copy paste the codes in HTML <body></body> and run it via live server.
  • we created navigation bar and carousel

Clock wise and anti-clock wise thing in topleft of browser tab

The rolling clockwise/anti-clockwise circle on the browser tab usually indicate a request-response cycle. When the circle is being rolled in an anti-clockwise form, it means that the page is being requested whereas when the circle rolls in a clockwise pattern, it means that response is completed and the all contents on the page will start to load.

yesterday we discussed about packets in request and response cycle

each packets contain data which client request to the the server.
and server will response with packets which contain resource demand by the client.

to deployed the project in github pages, all you need to do are:

  1. click the + button on top right of your github profile
  2. click the new repository button
  3. name your repository. eg:
  4. click on the public button to make sure that it can be access by the public
  5. then, you click the create repository button
  6. wait for a moment and try searching your repository name and you are done 🙂

How Request response cycle works?

Request response cycle is how user use the app and this request can help us to look at what point are not working when something is wrong and missing.

@sn-azila21 I will refine it again

Role of node_modules:

From my understanding, node_modules contains all the dependencies packets to create a project.


When browsing the internet, all that runs through a network are called data, these are broken up into small pieces called packets. Packets are a small segment of a larger data sent over a network. They are sent from your computer to the server hosting the website you're visiting, such as when downloading a file, streaming a video or audio. These packets are then recombined by the computer or device that receives them. Packets are sent back and forth between your computer and the server.

  1. Request Response Cycle is a guide to see application file and folders fit togeher.
  2. The Request Response Cycle trace your request flow.
  3. How it Works:
    • Open browser, type in a URL and press Enter.
    • Browser makes request.
    • The receives the request and passes in on the view.
    • The view renders the page
    • The controller sends the HTML back to the browser.

alt text

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This post is deleted!