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Hello everyone 🙂 I agree that creating a blog is great activities as it helps us following the pace of technology. I only know that it's actually kind of easy to create a blog nowadays especially using google sites. As we can also use google sites to create an online resume, we can get the opportunity to show the employers about our true selves since we can post many type of files such as video, youtube link, image and even a gif. I feel so amazed when exploring the google sites! Attached below is my Google Analytics screenshot and a snapshot of my blog.
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You can find more about me from the link below!


Hello, I am sure that people nowadays still using the old way to apply work by submitting resume. I am not saying that this is not good because it is still applicable in job sector but creating a personal website is much more impressive and lucky me that I have given a chance to learn this new knowledge. I am really enjoy doing this and going to share this new knowledge to my friends. Here, I attach my screenshot of my result from google analytics. It really helps me to get track on my personal blog's update.

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get to know me through this link

Greetings everyone!!!
This is my google site.


Greetings, my fellow Earthlings!

I'm actually a freelance graphic designer who has always needed online CV to appeal to my potential clients. But this is my very first time knowing the existence of Google Site (and it's free!)

Being part of this program helps open my eyes to the possibility of me keeping track of my online CV's visitor traffic without having to hire someone else to do the job. A win-win situation for me!

(And do please visit my blog just to increase the traffic 😊 Thank you in advance and have a nice day!)

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!

As someone who has some previous experiences in Data Analytics, the Google Sites is a good platform where I can create my personal blog to brand myself and showcase my data analytics portfolio.

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Hi! I'm Irza, the quiet yet adorable blue shark in the class! So, this is my site and although my education qualification is only until SPM, I have a lot of job experience so I'm sharing mine in this website. I am also sharing my 9 days experience as I learn in this awesome Data Analytics Bootcamp. Here is my site, feel free to visit it:


And here I shared you the Analytics Report of the crowd that visited my site.

Bonjour my friends! 👋

I am Yuliana. As I mentioned before in the class, you can call me Yuyu. I definitely agree with Ms. @saranyaravikumar - blogs help us to engage with the outer world.

For the past three days, I have been exposed on Google Sites which I've never heard before. It's indeed a good platform to showcase our skills, achievements and completed projects.

Meanwhile, Google Analytics linked to our Google Sites help us to monitor and track its performance.

I am so excited to share my Google Sites with all of you! Come, let's take a look-

What do you think about it? Feel free to share your thought! 😄 😄

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Hi, I'm Amira. It is great connecting with you. Here is my website, feel free to visit it.

Hello everyone, I'm Khairunnisa. Nice to meet everyone here. Wanna know about me? Just click on this website, hope everyone enjoy:)Screenshot (15).png

Good day,
I find that the Google Site is very interesting especially for us who are trying to market ourselves out there to secure a job. Therefore, the Google Site allows us to put all of our personal information and be more creative in it. As for Google Analytics, it allows me to track the number of views and perhaps I can know what sorts of posts or information that I should add in the future. Here is my link ladies:! (95a21b3e-a342-4f80-8d99-9782fb035c07-Screenshot (2).png image url)

Hello Everyone! , this is a screenshot of my sites ( Feel free to visit my webpage to know more about me. Thanks!mywebpage.png

Hi good morning i am miss Nur Amallina Binti Nazri @ Nasri this is my google site.

Hello. Ain here! My website is still under construction because I am currently focusing on learning R programming.

Here's my link:

I am making slow progress on the project, but I have learned a lot these past few days. I realised that Google sites can be a good way to create an online resume. It allows us to create a website without having to know how to code it, which makes it very easy and simple to use. I will definitely use this in the future as a way to present myself.



Hi everyone.

I am Maizan Nordin from Shah Alam, Selangor. Currently I am joining Program Skil Perantisan Peneraju At Airasia Academy For Data Analytics- JUANG for 9 days started on November 22, 2022 until November 30, 2022.

In this course, we have been taught to create personal blog using google sites. In my opinion, google sites is one of the platforms to create personal space in the Google. It has a lot of features to make my personal blog become more interesting. Other than that, I learn to analyze my blog using google analytic to analyze my viewers. At the same time, through google analytic also I can earn money if I reach certain number of viewers.

This is the link to my blog.

google sites.png

Hi, everyone, I'm Nur 'Izzati! It's a pleasure to know you all through this forum.

For a job seeker person like me, i believe that creating a personal website can help me to find a job as it is possible for recruiters to know more about me. This is because i'll update and share any activities i have done during my working and studies day on the website.
And it's fun knowing that we can know who visited our website using google analytics.

Y'all can visit my personal website by clicking the link below. Thank you!

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Hi everyone! It's been a great pleasure to meet all of you here 🙂 I learned that Google Sites is more way attractive and maybe can share our experience & knowledge whether in formal or informal way . Here's my link of Google Sites (3).png