⭐️ [ODL] YouTube Marketing 101 Learning Materials

This topic is for the YouTube Marketing 101 On-demand Learning (ODL) course learning materials:

1. CHAPTER 1: YouTube Channel Creation

Before creating your YouTube Channel, you may also consider referring to the Social Media Marketing course to learn how to select the suitable social media platform for your brand or business

Some of the reference links from YouTube that I have discussed under Chapter 1 as below:

2. CHAPTER 2: YouTube Videos & Shorts Creation

When we are uploading YouTube videos, besides the Standard YouTube license we also have a Creative Commons license, mainly for Content Creator.

You should also be able to identify if the videos are 'Made For Kids'. This is to comply to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Remember to also explore the new YouTube Shorts with some fun remixing strategies!

3. CHAPTER 3: YouTube Channel Analytics

Last but not least, we should constantly monitor the performance of our YouTube Channel & Content. You can always refer to YouTube for the definition of each performance metric.

Feel free to also check out the related Social Media Monitoring courses below:

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
💚 Ciayi Lim