Post your experience on hands-on data analytics project using R (YAYASAN BATCH 4)

Find this space to post your experience on doing Data Analytics project using R.

We, from group 5 presenting the Drug type usage on patients. We have no knowledge in Data Analyst but we managed to do the analysis this time and it's quite a good experience for us 🙂 Enclosed here we attached our project finding for your reference.
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In the end of our project, we could see certain pattern where patients took certain drugs when they reach certain condition.

Thank you for allocating some time to read our post here! Much appreciated 😭

We are from Mahai Sangat group have presented about the correlation between the specifications of laptop and the price of the laptop.

With the help from Prof Saranya, we've managed to analyze and extract the data to come up with all information that will in planning any decision-making by the end of the project.

We even learnt few codings that weren't in the program syllabus to assist us in analyzing the dat given to us.

That's all the time we have. Thank you!
df1.JPG df2.JPG df3.JPG

Learning R programming language is totally new to our group as we came from different background study.

We received an real estate data in which we can analyze that there are some factors that might affect the house price in unit area.

We are happy and surprised how much we enjoy exploring and analyzing data using programming language and manage to run the model in a short period of time.

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Hi, we are from Group 4. Our data is about exams scoring based on gender, race ethnicity and parental level of education. We analyzing data based on the correlations between the relationship of the parents' level of education and the completion of the students' completion of the course their taking. Below, we attached the data analysis that we gained from it. Thank you to Prof Saranya for helping and guiding us whenever we are having issues with our codings! Data.png Bar.png Boxplot.png Graph.png