[YP-DM-Dec 2023] Day 6 : LinkedIn Content Marketing

Conclusion of day 6 for today I do learn about Content Marketing from Miss Farah a lot which is content marketing strategy .We should know our audience ,set smart goals ,determine our KPI'S, decide on type of content ,choose our content channels, set a budget, create and distribute the content .Lastly about measure the result. One of the google calendar for seven days is also useful for me.

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It’s been wonderful experience having short course of digital marketing with air asia academy:-

*I have learn portray digital marketing landscape
*What is inbound and outbound marketing
*How to make effective online branding on social media
*How to make creative content marketing for our market segment

Just wrapped up an eye-opening digital marketing class focused on content marketing! Here's a snapshot of key takeaways 😊

  1. Content is King-In the digital realm, compelling content reigns supreme. It's the heart of any successful marketing strategy, capturing attention and driving engagement.

  2. Know your audience- Tailoring content to your target audience is non-negotiable. Understanding their needs, pain points, and preferences is the secret sauce to creating content that resonates.

  3. Multichannel Mastery- Successful content marketing isn't limited to one platform. Embracing a multichannel approach ensures your message reaches the right people across various platforms.

  4. Consistency is Key- Building a strong brand presence takes time and consistency. Regularly publishing high-quality content establishes credibility and keeps your audience engaged.

I’m so excited to apply all the things I have learn to the real world and elevate our digital marketing game. #ContentMarketing
#Digitalmarketing #AirAsiaAcademy

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Dear Miss Farah,
Your clear explanations, engaging lectures, and willingness to answer questions have been instrumental in my academic journey. I appreciate the effort you put into creating an enriching learning environment.

Thank you once again for your commitment to your students' success. I feel fortunate to have had you as my lecturer, and I will carry the knowledge and insights gained in your class with me. Thank you AirAsiaAcademy!

My Digital Marketing journey with Air Asia Academy!❤

Throughout this 10-day course fully sponsored by Yayasan Peneraju, I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge which will be very helpful in pursuing my dream of becoming a Social Media Manager.

I was once given a role of managing social media during my internship, but being a Biology student, I honestly had no idea of what I was doing. I didn't know what was right or what wasn’t, what worked and what didn’t. Utilized free online courses available online like YouTube and Coursera but nothing beats learning in person with amazing experienced trainers @christina e and @farahmazuini who helped me understand clearly.

Back then, I had very surface knowledge in Digital Marketing but this course has definitely given me more in-depth knowledge and skills and I can safely say I am now ready to secure a role as a Social Media Manager!✨

I have learned in Content Marketing for today

  1. Think out of the box
  2. Content calendar
  3. 7days planner
  4. Content come with Brainstorm > Create Content > Save > Post & Ad

Since 2018, I have actively engaged and immersed myself in the field of online marketing. Initially focusing on e-commerce, I gradually expanded my abilities and knowledge. Promoting products demanded skills in writing copy, creating graphics, among others. Previously involved in the film and television industry, I possessed expertise in editing, filming, production, and had the capacity for crafting copy. However, the demands and methods between film/television news content and content marketing differ significantly.

Recently, I have acquired new knowledge and skills from various courses. Classroom teachings, shared insights, and perspectives have offered me diverse ways of thinking and sparked creative inspiration. These ideas have become invaluable resources for my work. They encompass some of the latest content tools and AI applications, providing enhanced possibilities in content creation.