DM-APR24: Pre & Post-Assessment Quiz + Practical Learning Sharing

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Hello all,

Here some of the tools for content marketing:
Google Alerts :

Content Mapping :

SMART Marketing Goals:

Social Media Editorial Calendar:

Do share your Content Mapping by posting screenshot of 1 of your Persona and Content Mapping in this forum. Post your SMART Goal statement too.
Also share screenshot of your Social Media Editorial Calendar

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SMART Goal Summary:
Product: Seasonal Gelato

Increase monthly sales by 20% within the next quarter by launching two new seasonal gelato flavours and promoting them through targeted social media ads and key opinion leader partnerships.


SMART Goal Summary for B.R.A.N.D. Eyewear

I want to grow the number of new website newsletter subscribers generated by 50 per month by sharing 3 new product launches monthly on instagram because market insights indicate that intended subscribers convert to customers better than leads from PPC advertising. I'll reach 50 monthly subscribers per month, 300 in total in 6 months from today.

Screenshot of your content mapping here

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Post your content calendar here