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Hi, I can't seem to find more information on the build a game for kids. Can u kindly email me with the fees and schedule at
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Hi I want to study how to build app from scratch
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@ramgopalraj helloo

Security awareness link please

Hey there Please go to your dashboard and check your goals, click view courses to complete your goals:

How can I change language for Information Security Awareness Education 2023 to English or Thai language ?

There will be different Course Selections for the various languages....... Please use the global search in and search "Information Security". You will see the three language options.

My name has been changed and I never did any changes on this.


Hello, our technical team will contact you soon for your matter 😃

This post is deleted!

@ramgopalraj said in General Queries:

Have questions? We'll answer where relevant

Please advise how to change the language of training videos into English


Please select the English version of the Course

Hi, @ramgopalraj . I am interest about the software engineering course under the Program Bina Kerjaya ((CA1009001410: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING FULL UPSKILL/RESKILL PROGRAMME - 10 hari) ). May i know whether this 10 days course is all about the full stack web development?

Also, may i know if the course - SOFTWARE ENGINEERING FULL UPSKILL/RESKILL PROGRAMME - 10 hari, will be conducted within 10 consecutive days? Thank you..

@henrylcl2003 It is conducted within a 2 week period.

@ramgopalraj Dear Dr. Ram, i have received an email of invitation to attend the "Sesi Taklimat" Program bina kerjaya 2.0 in the coming friday (17 May 2024) 4 pm. However, it seems like there is only a google meet link shown in an attached image, instead of a direct link which is clickable. May i have your confirmation again regarding the link, as according to the image, the link written is

Hello @henrylcl2003,

You can access the Google Meet link during the scheduled briefing time. Our officer will guide you through the registration steps on the PERKESO platform during the session.