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My name has been changed and I never did any changes on this.


Hello, our technical team will contact you soon for your matter 😃

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Please advise how to change the language of training videos into English


Please select the English version of the Course

Hi, @ramgopalraj . I am interest about the software engineering course under the Program Bina Kerjaya ((CA1009001410: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING FULL UPSKILL/RESKILL PROGRAMME - 10 hari) ). May i know whether this 10 days course is all about the full stack web development?

Also, may i know if the course - SOFTWARE ENGINEERING FULL UPSKILL/RESKILL PROGRAMME - 10 hari, will be conducted within 10 consecutive days? Thank you..

@henrylcl2003 It is conducted within a 2 week period.

@ramgopalraj Dear Dr. Ram, i have received an email of invitation to attend the "Sesi Taklimat" Program bina kerjaya 2.0 in the coming friday (17 May 2024) 4 pm. However, it seems like there is only a google meet link shown in an attached image, instead of a direct link which is clickable. May i have your confirmation again regarding the link, as according to the image, the link written is

Hello @henrylcl2003,

You can access the Google Meet link during the scheduled briefing time. Our officer will guide you through the registration steps on the PERKESO platform during the session.