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Thanks @ramgopalraj. Just checked it. It is working fine now. 🙂

You're welcome, happy exploring Koon Foong 🙂

Hello, I am already done with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in Digital Fundamental Google Workspace and
Datastudio Basics. However I think Chapter 3 is wayy different that what we supposed to learn because
suddenly i have to sit in this programming class?
Here's the title of the video:

Video: AirAsia Academy_ Go Lang (2022-04-05 22_59 GMT-7).mp4

Do let me know!

@amirmirza hey there. Golang is an advanced level course for Software Engineering track students …. The best course in your study list after Data studio and google workspace is Cybersecurity

Hi. I am done with Digital Fundamental Basic for Data & Cybersecurity, however both courses are still marked as In Progress on my dashboard.

@koonfoong we will check for you, the administrator dashboard should show completed status

@ramgopalraj thanks. Also, until when we can access the courses here?

You’ll have access throughout the duration of the reskilling programs. So lots of resources for you 🙂

Morning & Happy New Year @ramgopalraj . I have 1 more track & 2 more ongoing videos from 2 tracks. However, I am not able to play the video. The Start button is missing from the video.

Could you put the video link here please Koon Foong? We will check it for you

This post is deleted!

Hi @ramgopalraj, I have finish with Google Workspace and Cybersecurity course. But still marked as In Progress on my dashboard. In addition, I cannot watch the other course you've provided in the study list as it says I need to subscribe.

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 11.22.54.png

@ramgopalraj It is not just. I am having the same issue as Hanis. It required me to subscribe. The Start button is missing from the course. For the rest of On Demand Courses, it display the fee of each course.

hi @ramgopalraj, looks like i'm also facing the same problem as Koonfoong and Hanis. i can't access any of the DF courses and it asks me to subscribe instead.

hi all, i will extend your subscription until 2023, ill update when we finished extending the subscription period

Apologize for the problem

hi @panjitianda possible for us to get the access by today so we can finish off the courses where we are at before the class starts next Mon?

Access reactivated. Should be alright now.