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Email Marketing


For further learning, you can watch the video:

Post your email screenshot here

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Hello all,

Here some of the tools for content marketing:
Google Alerts :

Content Mapping :

SMART Marketing Goals:

Social Media Editorial Calendar:

Do share your Content Mapping by posting screenshot of 1 of your Persona and Content Mapping in this forum. Post your SMART Goal statement too.
Also share screenshot of your Social Media Editorial Calendar

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SMART Goals Summary:
Brand: Bu Tian Matcha Dessert Shop
Product: Cakes, Tarts
To achieve a 20% increase in monthly sales within the next quarter, we will introduce additional flavors of matcha cakes, ensuring our marketing efforts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook effectively promote these new offerings to our target audience.

Business: Jewelry
Smart Marketing Goals:
I want to grow the number of followers by 15 per month due to 60% of sales are coming from instagram and tiktok. I'll reach 15 followers per month by 3 months from today.

Business : Digital Product
Smart Marketing Goals :
I want to grow the number of traffic generated from my new blog per month from 300 to 500 per month because it can generate income from affiliates and PPC by click, and in the next 6months if i generate income from this , i will use 20% gradually from it for my ads to set my traffic higher and sell more digital products in my blog and engaging with more audiences

@trainer I want to attract 15 more children to enroll in our daycare by utilizing targeted online advertising (Facebook, Instagram) and local community engagement, while prioritizing safety, quality, and flexibility - key factors that parents consider when selecting a daycare. I'll reach 90 child enrollment generated per month by 6 months from today.