Projects on Data Analytics Using R

Group name: MOMO

Our data is a large data set of different types of cars across the American market. We are required to model the price of cars with the available independent variables.
Screenshot 2022-11-08 105552.png

From the data we can see that the horsepower and engine size, positively affect the price of the car. As the horsepower and engine size increasing, the price of the car will also increase.
After that, for machine learning, we used the multiple linear regression because our data has more than 1 input and has a numeric output or target.
Screenshot 2022-11-08 105540.png

The above figure is our histogram chart that was created using R Shiny.

Our data is about the treaments using 5 types of drugs.

To analyse the data we employed ggplot2 packages that available in the R programming language. The data is used to find which drug is better for patient that have different level of blood pressure and cholesterol level.

The histogram below shows the relationship between the age and the types of drugs. Our finding is that the drugs have almost similiar proportions between sexes.


The ML algorithm used is supervised (Classification-Decision Tree) because the target is categorical type of dataset.


We can conclude that Drug A plays more important role compared to other drugs.

Here, we also plot a histogram for the patient's age used in this observation. The histogram is plotted using R shiny package.


Hi to all. Here I want to share our experience and some finding of R Programming taught by our easy-to-understand trainer, @saranyaravikumar . Below is some of our coding:
buang column.PNG
tukar factor to number.PNG kira mean for double sahaja.PNG

Next is a few snapshots from our findings:
histogram.PNG boxplot.PNG bar plot.PNG

We were really grateful and enjoy our R Programming lessons! We hope we can retain the knowledge of what we have learnt for our future reference.