[ODL/ILT] The Digital Marketing Landscape - Overview

In my opinion, we are dealing with the ever-changing and competitive Digital Marketing landscape therefore it is important for a digital marketer to be resilient and creative.

Usually, we will have an ice-breaking session during our first topic of Digital Marketing Bootcamp where students share their most recent shopping experience journey as a customer.

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Be it an online or offline business, customers normally recognise a problem and search for solutions via their preferred digital channels at the stage of AWARENESS and factors to CONSIDER are also different depending on the individual's preferences for them to proceed towards the purchase ACTION.

In today's landscape, we are dealing with the rising of brand discovery and research via social media especially for Generation Z and early Millenials (Statistic reference from Datareportal April 2023 Report)

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Some of the key pointers that we understand from today's landscape are:

  • Changes in digital media preferences when comes to brand discovery and research at the awareness stage

  • Rising of digital content consumption in short video format due to the active user's growth on a particular social media platform

  • Some key factors to persuade online purchase are 'Free Delivery', 'Discount Code' and 'Customer Reviews' (Brand Trust)

  • Common online payment method is using credit cards but the rising trend by using e-wallets and 0% interest instalment plan

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