Open Discussion: I want to be software engineer?

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Can you share your views on these?

  • Why do you want to be the software engineer or developer or coder?
  • What role did Airasia Academy played in your journey to be the software engineer or developer or coder?
  • What do you expect to learn in near future to fulfil your dream of becoming software engineer or developer or coder?

Let's communicate....


  1. Why do you want to be software engineer?

    • Because software development is a booming industry and offers a career path with
      endless progression, impact and decent pay. Not only that its a constantly evolving industry,
      you can also solve interesting problems and code your own applications with your own uniqueness
  2. What role did AirAsia played in your journey?

    • As an eye opener about software engineering as i used to a stigma of software and coding is sooo hard to
      understand and i would never be able to understand it. but somehow with the help of Naghmeh and Prafful,
      i found that it is actually very fun and easy to learn.
  3. What do you expect to learn in future to fulfill your dream of becoming software engineer?

    • I would love to learn about Python. Python is known for its simplicity and ease of use as developer
      doesnt necessarily need to focus on low level stuff like a missing semicolon. Instead, it handles all of
      that and allow developer to focus more on creating the project.



  1. I am interested to be a software engineer because I love to expand my creativity in other means and method. My interest in video games and designs fueled my determination to put myself in the sofware engineering industry. On top of that, software engineering is one of the jobs that are available for remote working. Therefore, I am able to spend time with my friends and family while doing my work at home.

  2. AirAsia Academy has helped me to break down coding into simpler terms. I am able to learn and understand basic HTML, CSSs and JavaScript, including basic backend topic in just 9 days because of talented lecturers, Naghmeh and Prafful that taught us everything we need to know about software engineering. Thank you AirAsia Academy.

  3. I would love to learn more languages such as Python and C++ and design websites and apps. I would also love to create my own library of video games.

1.Why do i want to be the software engineer is because is each time a software program is released, another development team builds a similar program to compete. For example, there are many different types of messaging apps, e-commerce platforms and even search engines, all of which help to drive the high demand for software engineers.
-High demand
-Can create own programming

2 What role did Air asia Academy played in my journey to be the software engineer

  • Helping me to understand much more about software and make me explore about its

3 What do i expect to learn in near future to fulfil your dream of becoming software engineer ?

  • To study,learn,explore and create a journey through its. Gain more experience by adapt it in real life
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1.The reason I want to learn software engineering is because I like to play games and have a dream of designing my own game.Even though it is difficult but I enjoy coding. I also want to pursue it as a career option because, from what I understand, there are numerous opportunities for software engineers.

2.Thanks to Air Asia, after I started to take these classes, I learned a lot about programming. The trainers are playing the biggest role here. They are so nice and have a lot of experience. They are the one who inspire me the most.

3.Iā€™m hoping to learn more about software engineering and work with exciting project. I hoping to learn about Artificial Intelligence too. I heard it like a future trend of software engineering. I think it such a smart move and want to know more about it.


  1. Because I can make my own games and make money out of it. Not even learning coding help me improving my new skills it also help me makes my own website so I can upload how I create games to people who want to learn how to create coding. If I keep learning coding I want to be a developer who could make a games with a big company such as Electronic Arts, Rockstar, Ubisoft etc.

  2. As a beginner to learn about coding., thanks to AirAsia for helping me learning new things about coding especially to Sir Prafful and MIss Naghmeh who teach me very cleary in just 9 days about coding and improving my computer skills.

3.I would love to learn a Unreal Engine. So I could learn how to be a game developer and improving my self with my skills.


  1. I want to be a software engineer(front end dev) because I love the idea of constructing the interface of a product where I know that's the first thing users will interact with. This field has pique my interest as I am coming from non technical background. In order to grasp the basic of front end, I started to learn HTML and CSS by myself through YouTube tutorial. Other than that, I also enroll user experience design boot camp to further my understanding in human computer interaction. Hence, this career path can enhance my creativity and problem solving skills.

  2. AirAsia Academy provided a fast track and efficient way to learn web development for a beginner like me. During this 9 days, I gain a lot of valuable knowledge and exercises throughout this program. Naghmeh and Prafful teach me a lot about HTML, CSS, JS, bootstrap, react and node.js. Thank you AirAsia Academy for this platform.

  3. My expectation in near future to fulfil my dream as front end developer is I want to practice and improve my Javascript and problem solving skill. So that I can build projects and land my first job as a junior front end developer.



  1. I want to become a software engineer because I have experience with HTML (web design), Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. I have to study programmer to explore with another Operating System (OS) such as, Linux (especially command in Terminal on Ubuntu, Fedora, Zorin OS and Debian).

  2. Airasia acts as a platform for me to gain more knowledge about JavaScript, DOM, ES6, CSS and many more. In 9 days on Airasia, I try to study and explore to coding into my computer which I have already know to HTML and CSS only before going to Airasia Academy to study of JavaScript, DOM, ES6 and API. So thank you for Airasia Academy to guide me, especially to Miss Naghmeh and Sir Prafful.

  3. I want to learn more programing language such as Python, C++ Programing and many more, in line with ir4.0 technology in the new era, especially for fields other than Information Technology (IT), such as agriculture, manufacturing and others, in order to help development in the future.

Hi @prafful

I would like to join Software Engineering Full Reskill Program, however, as per checked in Airasia Academy - Allstar Training Request Form the class is for 10 days on Feb 2023 no longer available but only left for Patt-time Class. May I know is it possible to sign-up for the 10days instead of Part-time ?

Hello there Kim, we will include the Full time option for you guys šŸ™‚

Please stay tuned, we will announce once the full time option for Allstars is open

Hey there Kim the next Full Time Intake starts 7th March 2023. It is now open for signup in the Allstar's training request form.

Hi. May I know for the Software Engineering Bootcamp that will begin on 9th Jan 2023 for part-time mode, the course duration is 8 weeks or 12 weeks? The poster stated that the duration is 8 weeks but the course description states that it is 12 weeks.

Hello there Aiman, due to a number of public holidays and overlapping full time classes, this part time intake that starts on the 9th of January 2023 will finish in Mid March 2023.

@kimtimber Have you signed up for full time software engineering 9 days course scheduled for March 2023?