⭐️[ODL] Social Media Marketing For Nonprofit Organisations

ODL Video: Social Media Marketing For Nonprofit Organisations

This is a course created mainly for those who are interested to learn more about promoting nonprofit organisations online with Meta Facebook marketing, the course outline includes:

  1. Set up/ check your Facebook Page setting

  2. Schedule relevant content to achieve the dedicated objective

  3. Perform A/B Test to understand what type of content work best

  4. Boost the good performing post with an advertisement budget

  5. Recruit supporters and build a strong community with Facebook Group

  6. Organise fundraising event with Eventbrite & Facebook Event tool

  7. Constantly monitoring the page, content & event performance with analytics from the 'Insights' page

Remember to study the relevant Meta Policies:

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
💚 Ciayi Lim