DM-APR24: Pre & Post-Assessment Quiz + Practical Learning Sharing

Post your Google Ads Screenshot here:

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Do share with me your finding here for me to audit and guide you

Complete 5 keyword findings using this template:

Create your content using this template:


Tools for Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner
SEMRush Advertising Research
Adword Wrapper:

Google Ads Mockup Generator:

Post your Google Ads here.

For more learning on SEM, you could log into this video:
Remember to take the quizzes too.
Happy learning.

Email Marketing

Share your email screenshot here.

@trainer - Tauriq here

Sample EM.png

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Hello all,

Here some of the tools for content marketing:
Google Alerts :

Content Mapping :

SMART Marketing Goals:

Social Media Editorial Calendar:

Do share your Content Mapping by posting screenshot of 1 of your Persona and Content Mapping in this forum. Post your SMART Goal statement too.
Also share screenshot of your Social Media Editorial Calendar

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