Hello everyone,

This is to recap what we have discussed or learned throughout the 2 DAYS (PART 1) session:

  1. Customer Journey

  2. Customer Persona

  3. Content Mapping
    --- Match with customer's journey according to respective stages

  4. Storyboard Creation

  5. Content Creation - With the latest AI Technology

Veed.io is the tool that we can utilise to generate AI Avatar, but limitations, as discussed, would be the localisation to the Malaysia market, especially on the voice-over tone, but we can also consider the new version of the AI cloning feature* But we need to pay attention to the legal term

• We can also compare it with the manual shooting methodology and edit it with native apps like TikTok or IG. Or pick a template from content editing tools to generate the social media video

Practical Exercise Slide by Group:

GROUP 1: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1MjNPq7164kVg3vtaPVEuKMkYqSmDHXds/edit#slide=id.g2ce60091480_0_18




  1. Social Media Management & Marketing
    • Inbox management
    • Publishing strategy, including competitors tracking
    • You can also consider using social media competitors' tracking tools like RivalIQ to look into competitors' analysis
    • In the scenario that you are not sure about who your competitors are, we can use Semrush Market Explorer to look into the main rivals in your selective market

RIVAL IQ Trial Account: https://www.rivaliq.com/l/airasia-academy/

ODL videos that you can refer to below:

  1. https://airasiaacademy.com/on-demand-learning/knowing-your-customers
  2. https://airasiaacademy.com/on-demand-learning/topics/content-creation
  3. https://airasiaacademy.com/on-demand-learning/social-media-marketing-landscape
  4. https://airasiaacademy.com/on-demand-learning/social-media-monitoring-rivaliq-review

The last part of the video creation from this folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hBIZ2RtjkDEs-exysigwyVasYRzy6V3d?usp=drive_link

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
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