DM-MAY24: Pre & Post-Assessment Quiz + Practical Learning Sharing

Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing!

We have a blend of trainees/students from different backgrounds here:

  • Allstars (Internal employees of AirAsia Group)

  • JDSports & our recent CNY Campaign winners

I'm happy to have you guys here. Before the journey begins, let us assess your current level of understanding with a simple pre-assessment (Allstars, remember to use your private email shared with the academy's operation team).

Kindly watch this video (

*JAMBOARD Discussion:

  1. The ODL videos to refer to for today's topics are:
  1. The datareportal link can be found from here:


  1. The ODL videos to refer to for today's topics are:
  1. Practical Exercise Slide:


  1. The ODL videos to refer to for today's topics are:

Practical exercise:

  1. Setup your Semrush free trial account, insert your competitors' social handles (Using the same business/brand as the case from the previous practical exercise),

  2. and generate the social media competitors' tracking report,

with 3 main items to monitor:

(1) Audience size & growth comparison with competitors
(2) Frequency of post
(3) Engagement comparison with competitors
*Which content has the highest engagement / top-performing?

  • What is the type of content --> Contest/ New Product Launch/ Greeting/ Promotion...etc. &
  • What is the content format --> Video/ Image/ Post/ Test...etc.

email to


  1. Rival IQ Free Tool:
  2. Rival IQ Free Trial account:

*ODL to watch as reference:

You can also update the result to the same practical exercise slide


1. Practical exercise:

  • Look into the same business/brand case and create a promotion campaign indicating the objective, mechanism, and call-to-action.

  • Create a landing page using Google Sites for that promotion campaign

  1. Relevant ODL Video to watch:

Create a social media ad using the mock generator:

Remember the social media campaign objective:

  1. For using this mock generator, pick "Traffic," and the destination is your landing page URL
    *Creative/ Main message adaptation from your landing page to social media ad

  2. For the daycare business, the objective fix at 'Lead Gen' is to consider looking into creating chat floww using Ad Manager. Screenshot your setting and post it to the forum


Thanks for reading & happy learning!
💚 Ciayi Lim

@seshaalexandra Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 4.39.22 PM.png

All strategies are awesome, but we can map them better with a clearer user journey on the specific indication of digital platform/touch points according to specific stage of funnel

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
💚 Ciayi Lim

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 3.56.02 PM.png Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 4.18.07 PM.png

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
💚 Ciayi Lim

Tools for Technical SEO:

Page Speed:
Google Search Console:
Google Analytics:

Steps to set up Google Search Console:

Select Domain on Property Type pop up, and paste the url
Copy the TXT file
Log into your domain DNS, paste the TXT at domain record
Verify at Google Search Console pop up
Set Up Google Analytics:

Sign up Google Analytics with gmail
Follow the steps till you get the
Install and activate Google Analytics Plugins - ExactMetrics (sign in with the same gmail you register with Google Analytics)
Off Page SEO


Selecting Right Backlinks:

Good TLD : .com,, .net, .org
Authority Site: DA & PA preferable 25 and above with good UI and content
Make sure NOT illegal and medical sites
Make sure NOT Link farm (lot of backlinks to others sites)

Keyword Research

1.Ubersuggest Chrome Extension: (must use Google Chrome Chrome)
2. SEMRush :
3. Ahref :

On Page SEO

Install Yoast SEO Plugin at the Dashboard

Blog Optimisation:

H1 (Headline) - with keyword
H2 (sub heading) - use secondary keywords
Introduction - with keywords
Name the images with keyword
Alt Text - includes keyword
URL - only keyword
Meta Title - includes keyword
Meta Description - includes keyword
Keyphrase - keyword only!

Here is the learning notes:

For more learning, you could watch this video on SEO:

Happy learning!


Do share with me your finding here for me to audit and guide you

Complete 5 keyword findings using this template:

Create your content using this template:


Tools for Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner
SEMRush Advertising Research
Adword Wrapper:

Google Ads Mockup Generator:

Post your Google Ads here.

For more learning on SEM, you could log into this video:
Remember to take the quizzes too.
Happy learning.

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Email Marketing


For further learning, you can watch the video:

Post your email screenshot here

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Hello all,

Here some of the tools for content marketing:
Google Alerts :

Content Mapping :

SMART Marketing Goals:

Social Media Editorial Calendar:

Do share your Content Mapping by posting screenshot of 1 of your Persona and Content Mapping in this forum. Post your SMART Goal statement too.
Also share screenshot of your Social Media Editorial Calendar