Creating A Marketing Plan @ 29 October 2022 Training

You have made it here, well done! ā˜ŗļø

Now, let me understand your situation better. Based on the given template, please fill in your SWOT Analysis (Which is one of the sections in a standard marketing plan), save the file as JPEG -OR- screenshot it as a photo, then upload it when you reply to this topic post.

We will discuss it further in the next session.

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Brand Name : Tasik Langgun Holidays (M) Sdn Bhd or my Instagram name is my brand name : langkawitravelandtour

My uniques
I don't have special uniques . Im just travel agent company . But my price is affordable. Many happy with price

Target market. All . Tourist from all over the world.

Strength . My company is 20 years in langkawi. People know this company. My father in law start from 1993.

Weakness. To many challenges. Obstacles. Competitor. And I don't have not many knowledge on online marketing. Im using free marketing. Fb. Instagram. TikTok. I don't know how to use pay ads marketing

I can do my best in this business if I know how to apply online marketing

Not sure . I think many competition. Put low price. .

Brand: Cjent Sdn Bhd
Unique: To provide quality equipment maintenance parts and services with specialisation in vacuum technology.To accomplish customers goal for equipment uptime and cost saving.

Target Market: Singapore & Malaysia - Wafer & Solar Fab vacuum pump service

ā€¢ Cost saving for 20 - 30 % for customer
ā€¢ Shorter lead time
ā€¢ Own R&D Aravac Vacuum Gate valve ā€“ longer life cycle
ā€¢ New Technology - plasma cleaning machine
ā€¢ Skilled Worker
ā€¢ High service
ā€¢ No expedite in Online Content
ā€¢ High Cost Structure
ā€¢ Strong existing competitor
ā€¢ Grow of Semiconductor industries
ā€¢ New Technology
ā€¢ Improve overall customer experience
ā€¢ Focus on online selling
ā€¢ Material cost increase
ā€¢ New Competitors join vacuum sector
ā€¢ Fluctuating of currency rate


Brand name : Sea Soil Ya!

Brand unique value proposition:
All sauces are homemade - without alcohol esp the Japanese sauces like teriyaki sauce.
Black pepper sauce, garlic butter sauce etc

Target market :
Kids - sushi selections, pastas
Moms - soups, salmon dishes
Dads - steaks/chops

Strengths :
Good food with affordable prices

Weaknesses :
Location in foodcourt, not many people like to hang out in foodcourt.

Opportunities :
We packed our mushroom soup in a pouch & market it online and sell in other shops

Threats :
To pack in a retort pouch costs very expensive but we cannot sell too expensive.

Brand Name : Kuah Rojak Padu By Cik Finey

Target Market: Malaysia , Singapore and more

My kuah rojak,Make with passion and love,
Delicious šŸ˜‹

Kuah so delicious

Brand Name: Kuah Rojak Padu By Cik Finey

Product: homemade
Make with passion and love ā¤ļø

Target Market: Singapore, Malaysia and all around the world maybe šŸ˜Š

Delicious šŸ˜‹

Opportunity: Selling at E desa, shoppe, other shops and also cod

Threat: retort

@shadinasha90 To recap what we briefly mentioned during the workshop/training, the improvement we could look into from your exercise are:

  1. Target market can be refined with a clearer indication of demographic i.e. preferred language, income level...etc.

  2. Look into paid ad marketing for social media from our ODL:

  3. Look into the opportunity from border release by the government where more travelers are able to fly to Langkawi now without the striction of PCR tests and quarantine.

  4. Threat, yes it could competitive market. Hope you can proceed with the product versus pricing competitive landscape and identify your positioning strategy and set goals from there for your online marketing.

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
šŸ’š Ciayi Lim

@sales Based on your exercise, you may need to relook into your target market - Are you targeting businesses (Trade) or end consumers? If this is B2B, you may need to expand further according to company sizes, structure...etc.

Look into our ODL on "Knowing Your Customers" to learn more:

Most importantly, understand what is your customer's preferred communication platform and expand your online marketing strategy from there with relevant content.

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
šŸ’š Ciayi Lim

@belimayashop Interesting Yuhana. As you have clearly stated under 'Weaknesses', it is a lack of focus points due to the wide range of products under your brand. We will look into that more in the upcoming 'Online Branding' workshop on 5th November 2022. See you again soon šŸ™‚

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
šŸ’š Ciayi Lim

@farahhanim-halim Look into your price positioning and feel free to email me for further review. You can look into the pricing strategy for the extended product to sell online/ across digital platforms for food delivery.

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
šŸ’š Ciayi Lim

@nscluv838 Remember to look into the delivery restriction across countries, especially on the tax incurred.

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šŸ’š Ciayi Lim

Just in case you want to revisit the workshop topic, feel free to look into this ODL video:

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
šŸ’š Ciayi Lim

Brand:Rojak padu By Cik finey