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Drop your funnels here!

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Drop your funnels here!


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The marketing funnel is for hotel business owners.

Potential leads come from various sources including social media platforms, blogs, and search engine’s search results (organic & paid), which will lead them to the hotel’s website.

On the website, the leads will browse through the rooms, rates, offers etc. and make a decision to book a stay, followed by filling up information (e.g. name, phone number, check-in & check-out date, and voucher code if available) and making payment using integrated payment medium.

Then, the hotel will send an email to the converted leads as confirmation of reservation, containing booking details. Another email will be sent prior to the leads’ date of stay as a friendly reminder. The second follow-up email gives suggestions of activities to do, interesting places to visit, and other useful & interesting information.

After their stay, the hotel will ask for reviews and suggestions for the hotel to improve and give the best service. As a token of gratitude, the leads will receive a voucher code (has a time limit) that can be used for their next stay.

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Above is a step by step marketing funnel, of a Marketing Company seeking participant to enrol their Live Webinar on Digital Marketing Strategy.
Initially, the company creating awareness by running an advertisement on social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Upon getting lead, the audience required to fill some info by clicking CTA. Several info need to be filled, for instances, name, phone number and email address as at the stage of decision here. Next, a welcome email will be send with a telegram link attached to it.
As reaching the action stage, the participant join the Live Webinar. At the stage of retention, the Marketing Company send a Thank-You email to the participant as a token of appreciation. Plus, an email asking for the feedback and free e book will also been send to retain the relationship.

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This is a funnel from a translation agency. as leads come from social media and social media ads, it will land on the landing page of the specific service needed. users will be given the opportunity to ask for quotes and once accepted it, they will receive an email to proceed with the process and agree to purchase it. once the purchase and translation process is made, the customer can give feedback (on works or other services) and receive thanking email and encourage them to sign up and subscribe for promo and company updates

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this funnel i do for SIMPLE COFFEE

@robincoenraad said in B4-Marketing Funnel Showcase:

Drop your funnels here!