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@ignatiusmackerry Regarding your earlier question about the email campaign with geolocation, there is the setting available from MailChimp:

This can be discussed further at the relevant Email Marketing chapter @bob @bobvhlay

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@tauriqazharabdullah To also recap today's great question from your end in regards to 'Conversational Commerce', also reply it here so that others are able to refer:

As discussed, it is not my personal preference from a consumer's perspective, but now that I am looking at the market data for Malaysia, it has pretty promising on projected growth:

@bob FYI

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Tools for Technical SEO:

Page Speed:
Google Search Console:
Google Analytics:

Steps to set up Google Search Console:

  1. Select Domain on Property Type pop up, and paste the url
    Copy the TXT file
  2. Log into your domain DNS, paste the TXT at domain record
  3. Verify at Google Search Console pop up

Set Up Google Analytics:

  1. Sign up Google Analytics with gmail
  2. Follow the steps till you get the
  3. Install and activate Google Analytics Plugins - ExactMetrics (sign in with the same gmail you register with Google Analytics)

Off Page SEO


Selecting Right Backlinks:

Good TLD : .com,, .net, .org
Authority Site: DA & PA preferable 25 and above with good UI and content
Make sure NOT illegal and medical sites
Make sure NOT Link farm (lot of backlinks to others sites)

Keyword Research

1.Ubersuggest Chrome Extension: (must use Google Chrome Chrome)
2. SEMRush :
3. Ahref :

On Page SEO

Install Yoast SEO Plugin at the Dashboard

Blog Optimisation:

  1. H1 (Headline) - with keyword
  2. H2 (sub heading) - use secondary keywords
  3. Introduction - with keywords
  4. Name the images with keyword
  5. Alt Text - includes keyword
  6. URL - only keyword
  7. Meta Title - includes keyword
  8. Meta Description - includes keyword
  9. Keyphrase - keyword only

For more learning, you could watch this video on SEO:

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Post your Google Ads Screenshot here:

@trainer ac076b19-55b1-4a11-b78f-898c72e8e074-image.png



Do share with me your finding here for me to audit and guide you

Complete 5 keyword findings using this template:

Create your content using this template:


Tools for Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner
SEMRush Advertising Research
Adword Wrapper:

Google Ads Mockup Generator:

Post your Google Ads here.

For more learning on SEM, you could log into this video:
Remember to take the quizzes too.
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Email Marketing

Share your email screenshot here.

@trainer - Tauriq here

Sample EM.png

@trainer!Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 5.07.10 PM.png

Hello all,

Here some of the tools for content marketing:
Google Alerts :

Content Mapping :

SMART Marketing Goals:

Social Media Editorial Calendar:

Do share your Content Mapping by posting screenshot of 1 of your Persona and Content Mapping in this forum. Post your SMART Goal statement too.
Also share screenshot of your Social Media Editorial Calendar