B5-Marketing Funnel Showcase

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Based on the diagram above, I try to structure the funnel marketing for a health product called iTeraCare Device under Prife International.

The first stage is to spark awareness among the customers about the brand itself. As it is somehow rather a start-up company, the Prife brand is unusually known by health care consumers, so inbound marketing involves advertising the products on social networking sites, either through regular feed postings or sponsored commercials such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube videos, also the website itself. The viewer can then go directly to the landing page by clicking on the link provided. If the landing page gives cold leads, the remarketing needed to be started again.

The second stage is to impress the potential leads (warm leads) by portraying the image of the company to improve the quality of life through testimonials videos, scientific research and past user’s recommendations, promoting members benefits and free treatment trials. If they are not interested enough, we will ask them to fill in the feedback form and continuously keep them on track by marketing email to update the database of potential customers.

If we succeeded to opt in conversed leads, we will engage them with the same feedback from any helpline for any consultation or inquiries to build the trust of purchasing. After the purchase, we will update them with marketing emails containing promotional benefits, warranty and after-sale service (Delight Stage) to collect more testimonials databases. The emails have continuously been given especially to the members for ongoing perks. If they decline the purchase, we will continue the step the similar to the warm leads.

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My Funnel.png

To begin, as a form of awareness, inbound marketing involves advertising the products on social network sites, such as Instagram, Facebook ads will be used,. After gaining leads, there will be 2 type of leads, for the converted leads , after purchase they will be a hot databased then usually will be a follow up for feedback , after some time will be follow up for new promo .

for cold / warm Leads usually will follow up with leads up to five time for purchased our item then if it didnt work out so finally will be warm/cold databased for us for us to redirect with another promo .

then they will be retargeted for a new campaign 🙂

@robincoenraad My Funnel.png

This is the marketing funnel for a new hijab brand. So, to create an awareness by making an organic content on social media where posting everything about the hijab such as the picture, the video tutorial, telling the details about the hijab material, the price, the promotion, the upcoming new collection and more.

When the lead have interest or was looking for the new hijab, they will automatically follow the social media or maybe also turn on the notification post and story to make sure they didn’t missed anything about the hijab. The lead will like the social media post, scroll to see all the design and watched the video as the video will help them to make sure about the design that they want to buy.

The Convert Lead will Whatsapp immediately to get more info about the design. When they satisfied with the information given, they will make a payment as fast as the lightning to secure the design. The items will be post out. The Convert Lead also came from the Whatsapp stories as there can be used to promote too.

The Warm Lead also will contact through Whatsapp to ask anything they want. But sometimes, after the information given, they still thinking and hesitate to buy. A few reason was they want to wait for the salary or maybe to think more rationally. Then, after they saw the Whatsapp stories, a few of them will confident to buy.

The Cold Lead will contact through the Whatsapp but then after all the answered given, they still didn’t have interest to buy even they have been told about the promotion and other stuff that could be more beneficial for them as a buyer.

For an engagement after the purchase, the Convert Lead will be contact again to have their tracking number and will be asked about the parcel arrived and also to get the feedback from them. The feedback or the review will be post on social media to gain more trust from other lead. Any comment given that have to be improved will be take further action. In order to increase the customer lifetime value (CLV), a discount will be giving for the repeat customer and maybe sale on the payday sale only for the membership.