DM-FEB24: Pre & Post-Assessment Quiz + Practical Learning Sharing*

Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing!

We have a blend of trainees/students from different backgrounds here:

Allstars (Internal employees of AirAsia Group)
*@elinajamaluddin attended 1st batch in January 2024
*@genevievemarie is attending ONLINE on 22nd & 23rd Feb & 1st March - Refer to Google Invite Note

Sponsored by PERKESO
*@shallypetrus attended DAY 1 on 19th January 2024 - Continuing the rest in March 2024
*@lowyh attended 2 batches since December 2023 - The last batch in Feb 2024
*@yehnie attended 3 days (DM - Content Marketing & SS), 4th Day on 19 Feb 2024, another day with SS
*@norshafiqahadnan 1 day on 19 Feb 2024 (To replace the January missed session)
*@meiweexd 5 days in Feb and remaining in March 2024

Happy to have you guys here. Before the journey begins, let us look into your current level of understanding with a simple pre-assessment (Allstars remember to use your private email shared with the academy's operation team).

Kindly watch this video (

Comment on this post after the completion of the quiz. Good luck!

DAY 1:
(a) Datareportal Global Stat:

(b) Datareportal Malaysia Stat:

(c) Relevant ODL video for today's session:
Please screenshot the funnel you have created and post it here 🙂

DAY 2:
(a) ODL Video:

(b) References:

DAY 3:
(a) ODL Video:



(b) References:



Remember to update your social media competitors' tracking report on the same practical learning exercise slide:

  1. GROUP WORK @norshafiqahadnan @meiweexd (

  2. @shanthenikunaseelan (

DAY 4, 5, 6, 7, 8:
SEO, SEM, Content, Email & Marketing Plan by Bob

DAY 9:
Customer Segmentation - Ad Campaign Target Audience Setting - Social Media Paid Strategies (Meta Advert) - Online Marketing Mix

  1. ODL Video:
  1. References on Meta Adverts:

*I'll also come back to you on the published Cost/Results Benchmark

  1. General Social Media Industry Benchmark from RivalIQ:

DAY 10:
We will look into the exercise you have done to strengthen your campaign promotion mechanics, create a landing page & potentially the social media advertisement from there

*Post-Assessment Quiz:

Thanks for reading & happy learning!
💚 Ciayi Lim

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Thanks for reading & happy learning!
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Hi, I’m here.

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Hi,I'm here

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@shanthenikunaseelan Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 5.24.09 PM.png We will discuss about it tomorrow 🙂

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Do share with me your finding here for me to audit and guide you

Complete 5 keyword findings using this template:

Create your content using this template:

Tools for Technical SEO:

  1. Page Speed:
  2. Google Search Console:
  3. Google Analytics:

Steps to set up Google Search Console:

  1. Select Domain on Property Type pop up, and paste the url
  2. Copy the TXT file
  3. Log into your domain DNS, paste the TXT at domain record
  4. Verify at Google Search Console pop up

Set Up Google Analytics:

  1. Sign up Google Analytics with gmail
  2. Follow the steps till you get the
  3. Install and activate Google Analytics Plugins - ExactMetrics (sign in with the same gmail you register with Google Analytics)

Off Page SEO

  1. Backlinks:

Keyword Research

  1. Ubersuggest Chrome Extension: (must use Google Chrome Chrome)
  2. SEMRush :
  3. Ahref :

On Page SEO

  1. Install Yoast SEO Plugin at the Dashboard

Blog Optimisation:

  1. H1 (Headline) - with keyword
  2. H2 (sub heading) - use secondary keywords
  3. Introduction - with keywords
  4. Name the images with keyword
  5. Alt Text - includes keyword
  6. URL - only keyword
  7. Meta Title - includes keyword
  8. Meta Description - includes keyword
  9. Keyphrase - keyword only

For more learning, you could watch this video on SEO:

Happy learning!


Tools for Keyword Research

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. SEMRush Advertising Research

Adword Wrapper:

Google Ads Mockup Generator:

Post your Google Ads here

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 5.21.22 PM.png

For more learning on XZEM, you could log into this video:

Remember to take the quizzes too.

Happy learning.

Email Marketing

Design an email, introducing a product/service based on our Email Marketing session. After completion, send the screenshot/ email campaign URL to this FORUM TOPIC