Inbound or Outbound? Which is better?


You probably know the differences between inbound and outbound marketing, however, as mentioned in our session, one is not necessarily better than the other! Although there are benefits to both methods, different businesses need to evaluate the method of marketing before strategies and campaigns can be developed 🙂

Let's use this fictional case study on a famous Nasi Lemak restaurant as an example to recommend and argue your points on whether this business should use inbound or outbound marketing.

Case study: *MamaNasi is a new and upcoming nasi lemak restaurant in KL that's quickly gaining popularity for its amazing flavors and quality ingredients, however, they achieved quick popularity only through word of mouth and no marketing campaigns (other than regular organic social media posts)

Now the owner of MamaNasi is wondering what happened... She has now come to you to seek advice on what she can do to keep generating sales for her nasi lemak restaurant.*

Please discuss, argue and recommend which method of marketing should she use for her business and why?

For this matter , I would recommend the owner to go for Outbound Marketing. Why? It is because her brand is already gaining brand awareness organically which is good because it came from real customer experience. For example she just put a simple banner of "What's for Breakfast? Nasi Lemak lah!" (Place her branding MamaNasi) , people will get to know more about her brand and those who are new to her brand maybe came across someone who mentioned through word-of-mouth or social media that her nasi lemak is good to try.

MamaNasi can go with the inbound marketing method because first of all, it is the most cost-effective one, as the restaurant is still new and it is such a waste to go big by doing outbound marketing as they are still new in the area. In addition, MamaNasi already has a targeted and interested audience and the customers have trusted that the restaurant does serve good food, therefore, now a matter of building trust with customers so they become regulars. Then, maybe the regulars can get benefits and offers.

Firstly, Mamanasi is the luckiest person as a new bussiness owner. Secondly, she has gained her customers trust for an amazing flavors and quality ingredients so she must retain her customers to regular customers with inbounding marketing because it is the easiest way to give informations of the restaurant. I suggest to her to use social media platform such as Facebook. People can get more infomations like bussiness hour operations, location, food presentation(pictures and videos), customer's review, promotions and so on. Moreover, she can do a campaign/spread news using her social media platform. For example, do a charity programme like 'MamaNasi for gelandangan' or 'MamaNasi for pregnant ladies'. Therefore, Mamanasi will succeed to sustain her bussiness as well as popularity.


Since MamaNasi is still a new and upcoming restaurant , and only have did regular organic social media posts as their inbound marketing, they should strengthen more their inbound marketing with current and other more various inbound marketing before jumping into outbound marketing. They have potential to do outbound marketing since they have a huge customer audience or a high customer retention which is the result from word of mouth, quality ingredients and amazing flavors, however, they should not rushed it as they yet have the big budget to do outbound marketing as a new business.

Therefore, in this case, Inbound Marketing is better for MamaNasi rather than Outbound Marketing.

Suggesting Mamanasi for Inbound instead of outbound due to several reasons:
Firstly cost effective for new and growing restaurant, Mamanasi can try to set up a website and open accounts on popular social media such as facebook.
Secondly, inbound will encourage Mamanasi by building long term relationships with customers, hence customers will trust the Mamanasi more and more with every publication post.
furthermore inbound marketing can be related to CRO, by turning occasional customers into regulars by allowing easy access to Mamanasi services such as offering online booking for seating.
Inbound marketing offer Mamanasi to recheck the reputation by monitoring the feedback of the customers. Try to reflect on the views to improve services.
Therefore, Inbound Marketing seems to be more efficient for Mamanasi.

MamaNasi should use inbound marketing as it is a cost-effective method to advertise its business. This strategy is suitable for a new business like MamaNasi unlike other promotional and advertising strategies that are expensive. As inbound marketing focuses on creating relevant content, MamaNasi should improve its content for the advertisement to increase potential customers. For example, MamaNasi can write on its social media or blog that describes its amazing flavors and quality ingredients. Besides that, MamaNasi should posts on social media or blog regularly and create engaging content that potential customer wants to read.

Both inbound and outbound has their own benefits. But mama nasi has more potential to generate sale by doing outbound marketing and reaching out to customer to get them interested in product right away.

Nasi lemak is popular among local and foreign communities. We enjoy it every time, not only breakfast but also dinner at middle of the night we definitely looking for it.

Therefore, to make it easier for everyone to get it, with the convenience of 24-hour stores such as 7eleven and petrol pump, we take steps to market mama nasi comes with ready to eat and ready to heat refrigerated products and place them in every retail store.

These convenience stores must have many branches throughout Malaysia. We not only sell it all over the country but also introduce the value of mama nasi brands of products .

This frozen food lasts a long time and only needs to be heated in the microwave. With the new packaging, mana nasi are able to introduce their brand throughout Malaysia.


Inbound marketing is the best cost effective method that MamaNasi should use for her business. Inbound marketing is the method that can be used to gain customers trust by posting the content that can deliver solutions to the customers problems.

Since MamaNasi already gaining the popularity through Word of Mouth, it is best to provide customers option on how they can purchase their products in a less hassle way. For example, provide delivery in a jiffy. To keep the customers keep on coming back, they might want to provide after sales service to their customers if they are experiencing any problems with their food.

@robincoenraad Based on my opinion, for Mamanasi to generate more sales, I would suggest her to apply inbound marketing. The reason is because, in order for her to reach new customer who might interest or looking for the best Nasi Lemak in that particular area. Since MamaNasi already get attention through outbound marketing, it is show how strong the brand gain trust from the customer. If MamaNasi execute inbound marketing through social media platform such as Fb, Ig And Tiktok, the brand can reach more audience and potential new customer outside from her local area. Who knows people from different city will potentially aware of her brand and interested to suppport her business.