Marketing Funnel Showcase


For this exercise, please upload your marketing funnels here and explain your funnel for the rest 🙂

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To begin, as a form of awareness I will only utilize organic content via IG/FB posts and Tik Tok content. After gaining traffic, I hope potential leads will sign up where cold/warm leads will be given options to a mailing list or be rerouted to my organic content again. They can also opt to contact me for further inquiries.

As for my converted leads, I will bring them to my online menu (IG/FB page/Whatsapp catalog) before they can make a purchase via my Order page (Whatsapp). As for my post sales service, I do expect a feedback from my customers which then I will share to my social media accounts. Customers can also get back to me via Messenger or Whatsapp.

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This is the marketing funnel for a cafe.
For the first part, to create for the cafe awareness, the social media such as tik tok, instargram, facebook, youtube and twitter will be used. The main objective is to make sure customer aware with existing of the cafe and the menu that the cafe offered.

For those who show interest in the cafe will high click the cafe's website to get more information on the location and menu in detail.

If the customer decides to try the cafe, they will subscribe from the cafe. The promotion and the review from past customers will be the elements for the customers to make decisions before going to the cafe.

Last, the customer comes to the cafe and buys from the cafe. They also will share their experience which can be the marketing for the cafe.

My Funnel.png

This is a marketing funnel used by Sambal Nyet by Instagram influencer's Khairul Aming.

To create awareness for the product, Khairul Aming has announced that he will release his latest product through his Instagram account, five days before selling the product. The next day, which is on the 4th day before the final product is released, Khairul Aming made a cooking video as usual but this time he talked about the process of making the popular sambal. Starting from raw materials, storage process, safety features, expiry date and final product preparation before being marketed. This has attracted his fans to buy the product.

He uses the Shopee E-commerce platform only to sell the sambal products. He will also do live almost every month to give discounts to customers. Apart from that, to attract leads, he has created a feeling of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) by selling sambal in small quantities but broken into nine time slots every day. The feeling of FOMO will make leads decide to buy the sambal.

He retains his regular customers by answering complaints/suggestions through social media platforms such as Twitter and Tiktok. He has managed to gain trust from customers when he receives complaints and suggestions well and proves that he has improved the sambal product through packaging.

My Funnel (2).png

I tried my best to come up with this marketing funnel to market any physical product in mind. Basically, this first step is by promoting the products through social media platforms either by posting regular feeds or doing paid advertisements. Then, the audience can directly click on the given link to the landing page.

It is the same format as the previous example, but what's different is in terms of engaging with the interested parties (warm lead) and purchased ones (conversed lead), where the interested parties will be included in the potential lists. They will be given emails with promotions and offers. While the purchased parties will be included in the member's list where they will have long-term benefits as a member. They also will get offers and promotional emails but with a better one. When they become a member, they also can receive benefits if they promote the products to their friends and family.

My Funnel.png
This is my marketing funnel for my Soap Bar product.
I'm using Instagram ads as my awareness platform. When potential customers click on my advertisement,
They will see the videos of me explaining and educating the audience about the benefit of the organic product and the process of making the soap bar.
For those who interested to try the product, they will be given a link to the landing page and if they confident with the information in the landing page, they will add to cart and make payment. Then, I will have their details and I will send thank you email and request them to review.

For those who still not confident to buy, they can chat with me and if they satisfied, they will purchase the product.

For those who are not interested to see the video, they will see my other posting asking them to fill up my survey and I will invite them to go to the landing page to make a decision.

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This is marketing funnel for accomodation business - Campervan Stay "Soulride"

For a start, as a form of awareness, I utilize organic content by doing video content via social media platform such as IG/FB/Tiktok/YouTube/Twitter/Snap chat and paid marketing using Affiliate Marketing such as review posts on their respective social media account and blog post.

After few interested potential customers click on the organic/ paid marketing, it will lead to landing page that will options to request more information. At this stage, potential leads will sign up and will receive an email. Leads then will receive an exclusive offer of discount campaign if shared among friends. After lead purchase and experience their campervan stay, they will receive a thank you + review email of their stay at Soulride.

To retain customer long term relationship, they will receive an update on email of what's happening / on going promotion of the business.

*Apologize on the missing arrow, done this task using phone as my laptop suddenly sulk 😣

My Funnel (3).png

This is a funnel for a cat product; cat treadmill of an online store.

First of all, the product is uploaded on online shopping mediums. The products will be put with suitable keywords in the product's title name that can increase SEO. Then, the product will be officially listed and available in the online shopping mediums (CTA, Call To Action).

Soon, leads (customers) will click on the product post and might like the product post or scroll and compare with other similar items old by other sellers.

Hot / Conversive Leads will straight add to cart, either their order shipped out to their location or for some that live close by, they voluntarily want to come pick up the product, which usually is the case for customers from Carousell.

Warm Leads will still undecisive / unsure on wether to buy the item or not. They will reach out to ask further questions about the product, which then they will be given examples of the cute cats playing the cat treadmill and ways of usage in forms of pictures and videos to get better insights. This will soon make the customers be more attracted with the products and then proceeded to add to cart, and purchase the product.

Cold Leads are uninterested with the products. They will be given marketing cold messages for future discounts , promotions and clearance stock promotion. Some will transform into Conversive Leads after future promotions like Stock Clearance Promotion and future discounts, some will stay as Cold Leads even after marketing cold messages.

After the purchases, they will received free gifts that can help their cats have positive reinforcement with the cat treadmill, tutorials on installment and ways of usage, usage tips and product care tips.

Next, customers or conversive leads will leave reviews of the products. Customer will get 10% discount on next purchase if they leave a 5 star review. Even though they have complete the purchase, they are welcome to ask for continuous guidance on how to play the cat treadmill with their cats.


My Funnel.png Opening the spa is not just for beauty, relaxing and pampering customer as main purpose. It is a way to a happier and healthier life. It proven that from the traditional or aromatherapy massage itself also an alternative way that could treat, reduce painful contractions and spasm.

So to spread this awareness, I will use my attracting strategies to publish content via organic ways which is social media. People nowadays more likely prefer to see content through the video content. From this I could attract them to know more by click to the link that can directing them to us. After getting some background information, we will give suggestion which treatment that suitable for their needs which can lead them to make purchase decision.

After the decision and treatment has been made, we will get the feedback to ensure customer satisfaction and also to improve our service.

To get retention and loyalty, we will suggest them to upgrade as a membership which they can get more discounts and birthday gift vouchers by sending emails and whatsapp.

My Funnel (2).png

This is a funnel for Hijab Scarf Collection.

For this collection, I am using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as a form of awareness. These ads will lead the potential customer to click on the advertisement which will lead to a landing page.

Those who have interested to buy the scarf will directly go to the order page to add it to their cart. Before they purchase and proceed to the payment method, customers are offered the upsell option and purchase the item.

Once the customer purchased the item, they will receive emails for any promotions and offers in order to build customer long-term relationships.



First of all, sorry that i’ve to use Canva to complete this assignment since my laptop’s screen went blank out of sudden.

This is basically the marketing funnel for a travel agent that offers travel package and other services related to travel i.e customize itinerary. To begin with, i will create topic related to travel to create awareness for the potential leads to click to a landing page which will provide them more information, links, comparison etc.

To get their decision, i will prepare a form or ask them to join the telegram group or direct WhatsApp to follow up on an action. No doubt after sale is very important. To do so, i will get the feedback from customers as to improve further and giving coupons/ update on-going promotion as to get repeat purchase.

@robincoenraadMy Funnel (1).png

This is marketing funnel for Blooming Coffee

Forming awareness, using organic content by doing video content via social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook (infographic, report, documentaries).
Potential customers click on the organic or paid marketing, it will lead to a landing page that will offer options to fill up the information.
Potential leads will sign up and will receive an email.
After lead purchase and experience of their drinks,
To retain customer long term relationships, they will receive an update on the email of the latest promotion, reminder of occasion. Customer will receive an exclusive offer of a discount campaign if shared among friends and loyalty access.

My Funnel.png

Marketing Funnel of Mask Extension Online Shop.

First of all, for the awareness stage, leads are attracted to the content of the Facebook post, Instagram story and QR code that are solving their pain points, the problem here is that the Hijabis need mask extension to weak their ear loop masks before the head loop masks even exist.

Next, the landing page provides all the contents that educates and tell the leads on how to solve their pain points by using this mask extension. While browsing for the landing page, they might want to click on the testimonial page to see further what others say about this products.

In this testimonials page, there is a WhatsApp button, click on the specific product and also add to cart button to know who is interested in this mask extension. After we obtain their info, we will gradually send schedule chat to entice their interest to buy this mask extension. promotion or discounts may be one of the scheduled chat to gain their attention and interest to purchase. Leads may ask for further information, therefore it is good to have a blog post to showcase and fit the contents that are able to provide solutions to their problems.

After we successfully win the leads trust, they will go to the order page to purchase the products, also before they check out, it is good to have upsell to give other options that might be the good choice or customization for them.

My Funnel.png

The marketing funnel for my food products which is Kuih Siput traditional Malay snack is by spread the awareness through social media posting organic way. The social media platform are Tiktok Seller, Tiktok, facebook, instagram and search engine through google search and also google maps. By posting the picture and videos of the products is to create awareness about the existing the food products.

When the audience are aware of the food product they will view and click to know more about the information of the food product and might want to know more about the content about the food product such as images, review, process of how to make it and the uniqueness of the product comparing the other similar product in market.

From the information they click it will lead the audience interest to request the information on how to buy the product. For this request the audience can request more info through the link given for every social media bio.
The audience information will be add to CRM based on the views reach from social media posting and search engine result . The data will be analyze to through analytic result from social media posting to know demographic of the audience to create future awareness to achieve more target audience.

My Funnel (1).png

Here are simple marketing plan for my delivery service back then on MCO time.

Creating awarness trough this 3 social media with my phone n umber. The customer who have interested on my service will click on the link. From there they would be taken to chatting apps and i will have customer details.

An then they get to make order and pay. Then For a confermation order and payment detail ill be sending them via email.

For a new and a potential customer will see the experience user at the same social media as i promote and making conten over there.

Time to time i gain a lot follower organically by user experience customer. Sorry for the late submission, having migrain need to sleep first after taking some med.

First of all, I want to give an analogy about a fisherman. Simply put, when we are going to throw out a bait and
we did knew there are fishes in pond or river. Let's imagine my sales funnel as the bait I throw. Some of the fish (lead) may be too small to be caught or some of those (customers) got caught if I have a luck.

Let me show you a simple chart how it works:
My Funnel (3).png

Honestly, to gain awareness of my bussiness which is real estate property is hard. I need to capture people's attention first. As outbound marketing is a traditional marketing bussiness. I rarely got any direct owner house who are want to me to sell their property/house. Unless they are my contacts, relatives and friends. Therefore, I must change my method which is inbound marketing. Started with listing from property field and direct owner. I'll purchase Facebook ads & Pop pup Suscriber Newsletter. After they click 'the bait' it will go directly to my Facebook Page and Messenger. As pop up prompting suscriber newsletter, it will go directly to my email. After i get engage with the leads, we will make further steps until the property change ownership. To sustain my bussiness, i plan to try another method which is get a review/rating from buyers after sales and purchases via Facebook post including WhatsApp screenshot of my conversations with buyer. Simultaneously, i will gain a trust from visitors who are click in to my Facebook Page.


Wow I'm very impressed with this and the interactivity in this program!

This is a funnel for a translation agency. after getting leads from social media, the leads will land on the website, where the lead will look for the service they need. after asking for a quoted rate, if they agree, they will receive an email for the transaction, and sending the documentation, and purchase the service. After sending the feedback, we will send the thank you mail after finish the session and encourage them to subscribe to us


My Funnel.png

This marketing funnel has been developed based on a fictional Lasagna delivery business. The "awareness" would be gained through organic and paid media channels - Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok. The "interest" would be ignited by a salivating image of the lasagna where the potential customer could order straight away or sign up for the discount voucher for future purchase. Ultimately when a purchase is made, we will request for feedback and as a thank you, they would get another voucher (free delivery) for their next purchase.