Marketing Funnel Showcase

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I am using one of my client company as examples which is kulsocs. Kulsocs is a company that sells technical arm sleeve.

Starts with creating awareness in a form of content using inbound marketing via 3 main social media platforms that the company use to spread information about the brand and also by using mouth to mouth and physical events (Running Events & Marathon).

After gaining Interest of the audience and build up traffic, the potential leads will sign up directly to the website (to be include in the mailing list). Those converted leads will also be directed to the websites where all the information on the brand before making consideration to purchase in the website.

In post-sales service, all feedback from customers which then will be shared in social media platform and also will received message directed from kulsocs in a form of WhatsApp.

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As a form of awareness, I will utilize organic content via FB, IG, TikTok and Twitter. Once traffic gained, potential leads will click on WhatsApp link provided.

From here, free quotation will be provided and warm lead will directly make a purchase. After proper amount of time, a survey link will be sent to them for feedback and will be used for customer feedback in social media with their consent.

Both warm and cold leads also will received latest promotion via WhatsApp in future. This in hope to convert the cold lead and maintain the warm lead.


This is the funnel for a home based food business.

The awareness is starting from social media posting from popular platforms as an ad and share of voices which will drive to builds traffic and the leads will browse through the website.

Then, purchasing consideration will be happening in order page and those who purchase will give feedback in the social media platforms as well.

For the cold leads, Instagram ad will be appear on their social media to influence purchase subtly.

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This is a marketing funnel for my imaginary online perfume brand that I borrowed the idea from an existing online e-commerce shop in Malaysia. The online shop sells 8ml perfumes to their customers through monthly subscriptions. This allows their customers to own multiple perfumes every month without breaking the bank before deciding to buy a full bottle of perfume later on.

The marketing AWARENESS phase starts with organic and paid content using common social media ads such as Facebook ads/posts, Instagram ads/reels, Google ads, YouTube/reels channels, and TikTok reels.

Once we gain INTEREST & DESIRE from users, they will create an account on the main website, which will generate a contact for our mailing CRM. On the website, users will go to the order page to order their desired perfumes.

Once they click "checkout" and pay with their desired payment method, the SALE happens. An email will be sent to the customer for order confirmation.

In the post-sales service, auto-generated emails will be sent through CRM to send marketing emails such as promos, articles, alerts ads for next month's perfume, and more. This will generate continued interest through email marketing. They will also receive a constant blast of ads through other social media throughout their subscriptions."


This is the marketing funnel that I created for my fitness studio named Zeeqo Fitness. The key product for this Studio is the subscriptions benefit in packages offered.

Started with AWARENESS of Prospect Lead from the content marketing displayed in Social Media (ie; Facebook and Instagram reels, post and story, also Tiktok videos and Youtube videos & shorts)

Lead will click on the links from social media that will bring them to Zeeqo Fitness landing page. Here, the lead will have to sign up and automatically becomes members. This shows that Lead already have INTEREST & DESIRE to what have displayed.
Warm Lead will head to the packages offers to them while Cold Lead that not interested will be head back to remarketing process.

Next process, Lead will have the option to choose their plan subscriptions. All plan packages will be blasted emails before their subscriptions. The post-sales services of different packages will have their own benefits each. But only package 1 and 2, the remarketing process will keep on going in order for members to subscribe package 3.


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This is a Marketing Funnel for an e-Commerce that mainly sells solid cologne.

Influencer marketing and ads are ran to obtain leads to land onto web page. After landing on the page, info is taken, with a pop up showing first-time user discount is available.

Cold Leads-Uninterested leads will go into a list and then retargeted with more marketing.

Customers-After adding to cart and purchasing, they are put into a list of customers to then search for lookalikes for targeted marketing. Customers will also receive emails for order confirmation > thank you and greeting > survey > articles (to keep brand in mind)

Warm Leads-After adding to cart but not purchasing, they are added to list of warm leads for remarketing. They will also receive emails to remind they have items in cart > reminder for first-time user discount > articles > articles > articles > articles > final email for both cart and discount reminder

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This is a marketing funnel for an online accounting software.

To create awareness for the product, I use social media to promote the product and services provided by the brand. The content will focus more on highlighting common pain points faced by most businesses, such as overreliance on Excel, manual processes, excessive paperwork etc. It will also emphasize how the software can help tackle and resolve these issues through automation, reduced paperwork, elimination of human mistakes, improved efficiency, and increased accuracy. Additionally, I will create value-added blog posts that provide tips and guidance to help businesses manage their operations more effectively.

For all social media posts and blog posts, the CTA will lead to a landing page that showcases the benefits of the software, key features, customer reviews, and a sign-up form for a free trial.

Once the free trial lead form is submitted, customers can try the software free for 30 days. The customer success team will contact the customer to arrange a live demo session. During the 30-days free trial period, customers can proceed to enter their payment details to subscribe.

For those who subscribed, an automated welcome email will be sent to customers, containing links to the knowledgebase center and a video guide on how to set up their account. After 7 days, another automated email will be sent to invite users to the weekly online tutorial webinar. Another email will be sent after 7 days to check if users need any assistance. At 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, and 1 day before the subscription expires, renewal reminder emails will be sent to users. Once they renew, no further reminder emails will be sent.

For those who do not subscribe, I will upload their email addresses to create customer audiences on meta ads for retargeting, and automated follow-up emails and reminder emails will be sent to them before the free trial account expires. Simultaneously, the customer success team will contact these users to understand why they did not subscribe and to see if the software can resolve their concerns.


This is a marketing funnel for a website platform promoting sustainable fashion. The online business mission is to promote sustainable fashion and build an online community where people are able to exchange unwanted clothing pieces that is still in good condition.

To promote this online platform - im using google ads and paid FB & IG Ads to create awareness on sustainable fashion and how you can contribute/participate by joining the community with a targeted audience of those interest in fashion and sustainability.

The CTA of the paid ads will lead to ‘HOW TO JOIN’ page where interested customers will join and subscribe.

For those subscribers - email updates on what to do next - update style profile > exchange clothing > stylist coach will be sent to them.

For cold leads - re-marketing through email, facebook and IG will be promoted to them on more awareness of sustainable fashion and how to join.

For those subscribers - they will start ordering/exchanging clothing pieces and make purchases. To retain those customers - we will market our offerings and services through email, FB and IG and continue make purchases through the online community.

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This is a training funnel for internal staff.

Staffs will first need to discuss and get approval from their team lead (or HODs) before they are able to sign up to the training available. Once clearance to register for training(s) is approved, staff will need to fill in their details to the registration form provided.
From there, a confirmation email of their registration is sent before the actual calendar invites are send to the staff.

Staff will need to accept or decline the training/webinar invites. If staff accepts the invite, they will proceed to the training/webinar (with specified date and time prior to receive the invite). Once training/webinar finishes, staff will receive a thank you email to indicate they have successfully completed the training/webinar.

If staff declines the invite; either to request for rescheduling (with reasons, owner will check the other training/webinar AND the staff's availability before the new calendar invite is sent. Else, staff are count as unable to attend and to be remove from the paxlist.

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